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Top 5 IELTS Review Center in the Philippines

More and more Filipinos are enrolling in IELTS review classes to boost their chances of getting their band score goals in the IELTS tests. Most of the review centers in the Philippines provide quality course review programs and top-caliber instructors to help test takers hone their four core language skills (Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing). As compiled by the Pinoy Exchange, the following are the top 5 IELTS review centers in the Philippines:

1. JRooz Review Center, Inc.

JRooz Review Center, Inc has established itself as a reputable provider of English language training with more than a decade of experience. They are one of the most awarded English language review center in the country! They are the number 1 review center in the national category as awarded by the International Development Program (IDP) for two consecutive years (2016 and 2017). They are also the number 2 review center in the national category as awarded by the British Council for two consecutive years as well (2016 and 2017). As a result they are the preferred review center by the top agencies and migration companies.

JRooz has invested in hiring and training quality teachers resulting into high passing rates especially with their endorsement policies. At the same time, they have the most classroom per centers ensuring comprehensive reviews with flexible schedules available for morning, afternoon and evening classes. JRooz Review Centers are known to have invested in the latest review materials with students receiving exclusive IDP-conducted workshops giving them an additional edge in exam preparation, resulting in to higher probability of passing the test. Their top-caliber review classes for nursing board exams as well as other English proficiency tests such as TOEFLPTEOET, and most recently CELPIP are available in all  of their five branches (Baguio, Cebu, Davao, Makati and Manila).

2. EDGEWORTH Nursing Review Center (ENRC)

ENRC provides quality review services to nursing graduates and students. These services are crafted to enhance traditional teaching and training methodologies pertaining to nursing. Although its primary focusis nursing, ENRC also runs an IELTS review center providing inclusive course preparation programs for Filipino nurses and other individuals who want to work in the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries.

3. Multi-Educational Review Group Experts, Inc. (MERGE)

Promoting professionalism among nurse and other healthcare practitioners, MERGE offers quality review programs for those who want to be a part of international health organizations and institutions across the globe. MERGE is also among the top IELTS review centers in the country providing inclusive course training programs to help test takers get their IELTS score goal.

4. Speak Well Academy, Inc.

Speak Well Academy has been in the business of English language training since 2002. This IELTS review center has built its own team of top-caliber instructors and developed their own course review preparation program to become one of the top 5 IELTS review centers in the Philippines. Many positive reviews and testimonials from its previous enrollees prove that they are indeed one of the best. Speak Well Academy has branches across the country, including Manila, Makati, Quezon City, and Cebu.

5. 9.0 Niner IELTS Review Center

Since its establishment in 2007, 9.0 Niner IELTS Review Center has attracted many aspiring Filipinos who are aiming to achieve their desired IELTS score. As the review center’s name suggests, they teach test-taking tips and strategies on how to get a band score of 9 in the IELTS exam. For only PHP 999.00, students can now have a comprehensive 25-hour “crash course” covering all components of the IELTS with additional lectures on honing the student’s vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. 9.0 Niner IELTS Review Center has branches located in major cities all over the Philippines.

But don’t take my word for it. Do your own research. Check out their background and achievements and choose the one that suits you the best. For more IELTS tips, click here.