Benefits of Taking the IELTS

Why do I need to sit the International English Language Test System?

This is the primary question that anyone who wants to work, study, or migrate abroad would ask himself or herself upon realizing that he or she needs to sit an exam for English proficiency. Many people think that the IELTS is a mere nuisance to be dealt with as quickly as possible so that they can move on to bigger and better things – such as their dreams of leaving the Philippines and living abroad. There is also the question of enrolling in a review center. Although it does entail some cost, enrolling yourself in a quality review center is most likely a wise choice.


The IELTS is not merely a requirement, it has other extrinsic benefits apart from adding to the points that you need to get out of the country. This is why ample preparation for the exam is needed. Many would do self study, but the best option is still to enroll at an IELTS review center. People should consider the IELTS as an investment (apart from the fact that going to a review center is cheaper than taking the exam again and again).

Some benefits of the examination are below:

1. The IELTS gives you entry to not just one but several countries, especially if your band score is way above the required rating. Remember that a Band 6 can get you further than a Band 5.
2. The IELTS can give you opportunities to study in the world’s best universities. Cambridge University, for instance, requires a Band 7 for a non-native English communicating individual. Other universities and colleges require 5.5 to 6.0. Without the IELTS examination, regardless of one’s credentials, they won’t be able to avail of this opportunity.
3. Once you are able to get into an English-communicating country, the IELTS can be used as an added credential or as proof of English proficiency when you’re getting a job, studying short courses, or even planning to have a sideline as an English tutor (if your band score is high enough).
4. Those who wish to stay in the Philippines but would like to spread their wings (and their credentials) as English instructors would do well to take the IELTS. It is, after all, an international rating of your English proficiency. Many IELTS takers ended up having relatively lucrative jobs as teachers in review centers.

The International English Language Test System (IELTS) is not a one-shot deal. It serves not only to further your opportunities but also to further your credentials. Investing in achieving a good band score is a must to ensure that you only have to take it once and that you hit a score far above what is required, If you look at it this way, then deciding whether or not to enroll into a review center is a decision that is not very difficult to make.

Good luck!


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