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It’s All about Numbers: Time Structure of the IELTS

Success in the International English Language Test System (IELTS) requires two things: English proficiency and the ability to utilize appropriate techniques to your advantage. Of course, this also means being able to manage your time wisely. IELTS review centers in Davao, Manila, Makati, and Cebu would most certainly give you an idea of how to use the time structure of the exam to make sure that you do not waste time.

Here is how the IELTS examination is structured based on time. Some of the nitty-gritty has also been outlined for your studying pleasures.


The IELTS Listening Exam runs for 30 minutes. This means that within those 30 minutes, the recordings for all 4 sections are played. Afterwards, you are given 10 minutes to transfer your answer to the answer sheet. Total time for the entire exam is roughly 40 minutes.

Each section starts of and ends with some time for you to study your questions and to check your answers. To do this best, consult your review center coach.


Each Reading exam has three sections and you have one hour to finish everything. Unlike the Listening test, IELTS Reading does not give you any time to transfer. Since you have an hour and three sections, the advisable time you spend on each section is 20 minutes. Within those 20 minutes, start by reading your questions and spend only 3 minutes on this. Your IELTS review center will teach you some pretty nifty speed reading techniques. Use these and run through the article for 7 minutes. Use the last 10 minutes to answer the questions.


The Writing Examination has two parts: the first one, which is either data description or letter writing, requires a minimum of 150 words, whereas part two is an essay that would need 250 words at least. Give one-third (20 minutes) of your 1 hour time limit to Task1 and the rest of the 40 minutes to Task2. Make sure you have time to plan your essay, write your draft, and edit and revise your article. Again, in this task you may require assistance from your IELTS review coaches.


The Speaking exam is pretty straight-forward: you have 11-14 minutes to impress your examiner. Do it. One important thing, though, the examination’s Task 2 requires that you are able to create a 2-minute speech in 60 seconds. Sounds tough? Yes, but your coaches would most likely know a thing or two about 1-minute speeches.

Remember: time management is a huge part of the challenge. And if you are still having trouble managing time, that is what review centers are for. Review centers are everywhere. Of course, there are several good ones in Manila, Makati, Cebu, and Davao.

Good luck.


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