What You Need: IELTS Application

Once you are ready to take the International English Language Test System, it is now time to apply for the test. Remember that you must register two (2) weeks before the exam date and that, per month, there are 3 schedules. Make sure that you register for the module that you need. Some dates are only for Academic, whereas others combine Academic and General Training modules. Most schedules have the written part of the IELTS on Saturdays.

There are two ways to apply for the exam: one is to do it yourself by going to either IDP or British Council. IDP is located in Pioneer House, along Paseo de Roxas, Makati. It’s next to Greenbelt 1. British Council is in Taipan Place, along the old Emerald Avenue (now called Ortigas Jr.) in Pasig.

The easier way, though, is to submit everything to your review center – if they are a registration agent. For the requirements, you need the following:


1.) Completed Application Form. You can get this from IDP or British Council. This is also available in your review center, if it is a registration agent. You can also download it from the IDP or British Council website. Make sure that you fill up everything, because if you miss out on a required information, your application will not be accepted. Ask your review center to assist you in filling this up.

2.) Valid National ID (any of the following may be considered as a valid ID)

  • Passport (valid at least 6 months before test date)
  • PRC Professional ID
  • SSS ID card
  • GSIS e-card
  • Multipurpose unified national ID 


Make sure that these IDs are valid, as these are the same IDs you will be presenting during your actual examination. IDs other than these are not acceptable.

3.) Photocopy of ID

4.) 2 pieces of 2 x 2 (or passport-sized) coloured photos

IELTS candidates must not wear any form of eyewear in the photographs they submit for the IELTS registration. Also, candidate’s teeth must not be visible. We advise that you pull your hair back so that your ears can be seen.

 5.) Test fee of PhP 8,900.00.

The requirements are generally the same for British Council and IDP.

Some review centers would ask for extra payment as application fee, whereas others offer this as free service for their students.

Make sure you are truly prepared for the test and that you complete all the requirements before submitting.

Good luck!


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