How Many Times Can I Take the IELTS?

This is a common question of those who wish to take the test but are not sure if they will hit their target score in one go.

Answer: there is no limit to how many times you can take the International English Language Test System. This means you can immediately re-take the examination if you did not get the score you need during the first try.

There is, however, a limit to your money, and paying for an exam like the IELTS again and again will cost you. Remember that the latest test score that you receive will be what is acceptable to the agency, school, or embassy you need to submit your exam result.  Also, taking the IELTS again and again will not ensure that you will hit the score that you need – that is what ample preparation through consistent use of English and enrolling to a review center is all about.

If you DID fail on the first try, you might want to check out these tips:

  1. Look back and try analyze where you made mistakes.
  2. Find solute ions on how you can fix those mistakes.
  3. Seek help. If you relied on self studying, it may be wise to enroll yourself in an IELTS review center. This may cost you some money, because you might have to pay somebody to give you a hand, but it would certainly be much cheaper than doing the IELTS exam again and again. Use Spending on a quality review programme will not only help you because there will be teachers to guide you through the examination, it is also helpful because you have someone  to point out your mistakes in Writing and Speaking.
  4. Practice English. Listen to the language. Read as much as you can. Speak with a native speaker, or someone who is very fluent. Write as many essays as you can and be careful of the technicalities.
  5. Make sure you’re ready to take the examination next time. Be mentally and emotionally prepared.

Success in the IELTS examination does not rely on how many times you take the test. Keep in mind that what really counts is the preparation.

Good luck!


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