What is My Future after Taking the NPTE?

In the last decade, the United States – as well as the rest of the world – has experienced being battered by the global economic crisis. Unemployment was on the rise and the economic status threatened to sink into something akin to the Depression. Americans and migrant workers alike have lost their jobs. This is one of the primary reasons why many of those who wish to work in the United States have opted to back out.

Despite the crisis, however, the United States still has very high demand for some positions – one of these is for physical therapists. The current demand for PTs in the United States is still staggering and in order to meet the demand for supply, the United States is getting physical therapists from other countries. One of these is the Philippines and for years the country has been sending PTs abroad.

The career is a very stable one, despite the global economic crisis and the laying off of many workers.

A stable job in a variety of settings awaits those who successfully pass the National Physical Therapy Exam. A PT in the United States can work in hospitals, home care, schools, in the academe, or in research facilities. The career is a very stable one, despite the global economic crisis and the laying off of many workers. Because of this, a migrant PT in the United States would most likely live a comfortable life.

Having a stable position in the health care industry allows migrant PTs access to all the other perks of living in the United States. Human rights and freedom are very much valued in the United States, and given that it is a country of people from various ethnicities, it has an accepting culture towards foreigners. A multi-cultural country is complemented by an ever-changing landscape. Life in the United States can be a constant adventure, as the country boasts beautiful and diverse places to visit. Another perk is that the United States has Universal Health Care, which means that part of the budget allocation of the country goes to providing health insurance to its people. Even if health insurance is not given by the employer, the government will provide it. Those who wish to raise a family in the US would also benefit from the good public school system that the country offers, as well as the access to the top universities of the world.

The NPTE is a gateway to all of these. All you need to do is take that step and succeed in it.

Good luck!


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