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What Opportunities are there for Physical Therapists after NPTE?

The National Physical Therapy Examination is a licensure test that must be passed if you wish to practice your profession as a PT in the United States. The NPTE is a difficult exam which will ensure that only PTs who are competent in the basic proficiencies and are able to render safe care are allowed to practice. In other words, it protects the interest of the public. Since it is the entry examination to the practice, it is no doubt that passing NPTE is not easy. However, the opportunities it opens up is definitely worth it.

According to Forbes online, Physical Therapists are among the most secure professionals in America’s health care industry, just because the supply is not meeting the demand. In fact, in a recent study, it was predicted that the demand PTs will increase further by 2030.

The aging population affects both supply and demand – the older patients are in need of more PTs because the older PTs are retiring. This is probably why, despite the economic crisis that has hit the United States, unemployment rate in PTs remain low. One of the ways to fill in the gap between demand and supply is to get the PTs from outside the United States.

Physical therapies can work in various settings, making the job opportunity lucrative. Physical therapists can work in outpatient clinics, acute care (for short-term patients who need physical therapy due to surgery, illness or accident) extended care facilities or nursing homes (to provide extend care for those who need rehabilitation and for elderly clients), rehabilitation facilities, schools, and wellness clinics & sports facilities (to prevent and treat injury) . A PT in the United States can also go into individual practice by means of offering private physical therapy sessions to patients. Physical therapists can work on research and the academe as well. They can be employed by the private sector or the government.

 Indeed, the demand and the opportunities are far-reaching and have given many Filipino physical therapists the opportunities to pursue their dreams in the United States. The challenge is to get there. This is why it is so important for someone who wants to be a PT in the US to prepare well for it. The NPTE is the ultimate step to having a solid career abroad.

Are you ready to take it?

Good luck. 


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