Study and Work in New Zealand – Tips on How to Improve Your Chances of Grabbing Employment Opportunities

Working overseas has been a trend in the Philippines for many years now. For the past years, the number of Filipinos working abroad has incredibly increased. This increase signifies the need for Filipino workers abroad. Companies and institutions hire Filipinos because of their abilities in speaking English. As we all know, English has become a very important language for all nationalities; hence, Filipinos are a priority.

There are a lot of countries which opened opportunities to Filipinos like New Zealand. In New Zealand, the advantage in finding a job easier is when you are a good English speaker. It is indeed challenging to find a job in New Zealand. Professionals who are there say that it may take quite some time to find a suitable employment. The good this is that the New Zealand government does its best in providing information and programs to address the need to fill in vacancies especially for skilled workers.

To improve the chances in finding job opportunities in New Zealand, working professionals should have these in their minds:

• Gain experience
Knowledge in the field of your expertise is essential but having long experience with it is better. The more experience one has, the better chances of having a secured job. Employers look for people or individuals who are, as much as possible, have a wide range of experience and exposure in the position they are applying for.

• Directly contact employers
It is true that not all jobs are advertised on paper or online. Applicants should know about this company by visiting their website. Applicants may call the human resources person and ask more information regarding the company and the job vacancies. Contacting employers directly gives an applicant an opportunity to find out more about the company or the industry and may be an avenue for this individual to land a job employment.

• Language Test
There are three official languages spoken in New Zealand: English, Maori, and New Zealand Sign Language. English is spoken widely in the country so individuals need to take an English proficiency examination like the IELTS or the International English language Testing System examination.

In the IELTS examination, applicants are expected to attain the required scores of the companies and agencies. Furthermore, getting education and training in IELTS review centers are far much better. In IELTS review centers, candidates are given materials and exercises that will make them feel how the IELTS test is. With their coaches and mentors, candidates are sure to experience the best IELTS training.


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