Australia Visa Requirements for Skilled Workers

Skilled work is highly in demand in Australia. In fact, skilled migration visa is one of the best ways for skilled workers to find employment and even live in Australia. Skilled worker applicants use their qualifications such as their work experiences, trainings, and language ability (the IELTS or the International English Testing System score) to meet the demanding requirements in acquiring a visa. Through SkillSelect, Australia can get skilled workers that are in demand in the country and reduces the time processing a visa application.

For skilled workers, they need to submit an EOI or an Expression of Interest in SkillSelect. An EOI is not a visa application yet, it is a document expressing one’s interest to be considered for a skilled visa. Requirements for an independent skilled visa under SkilledSelect are the following:

1. Completed a skill assessment and/or a job ready program
2. Taken an English-language test like the IELTS
Any visa applicants, whether for work or student visa, need to undergo an English proficiency examination to acquire an English language test. Applicants can take the IELTS and get the required scores of the immigration. English proficiency examinations like the IELTS provides evidence that an individual will be able to work efficiently in an English speaking environment resulting to productivity and usefulness at work. For more information on this, visit the nearest IELTS review center in your area.
3. Have an occupation that is on the relevant skilled occupation list
4. Not less than 50 years old
5. Should have a score of at least 60 on the points test

Once all these requirements are met, then the applicant is ready to lodge his or her application. Applicants need to pay an initial application charge by credit card. Applicants need to check the documents they need. Here is the link where applicants can be sure that they have all the documents they needed:
SkillSelect in Australia is a big help to the skill shortages experienced by some regions in Australia. Through SkillSelect, applicants are given the opportunity whether they want to live and work in regional areas in Australia. For more information regarding visa applications for skilled workers in Australia, visit

If you are someone enrolled in an IELTS review center, you can also ask personnel about visa applications for Australia. Review centers have information regarding documents and application charges in the whole course of your visa application.


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