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How to Achieve a 30 in TOEFL Speaking

The Test of English as Foreign Language’s Speaking examination is the most challenging aspect of the TOEFL for many test-takers. The test consists of six tasks, each one unique in its skill demands. Furthermore, most of these task require test-takers to integrate listening and reading skills. Indeed,  getting a great score in TOEFL Speaking is no mean feat, but it is not impossible.

Here are the top tips that will help you earn that perfect TOEFL Speaking Score.

  1. 1.       Organize, organize, organize. An organized speech is the mark of a great speaker. You are in luck, because if you are talking the TOEFL, there are actually specific patterns that you can follow that would immediately give structure to your speech.
  2. 2.       Connect ideas. The use of transition words to show logic and/chronology is quite important in the TOEFL, especially since in the test, you will mostly be enumerating premises which support your idea. Also, the use of words which show contradiction or complement of ideas is quite helpful in boosting your score.
  3. 3.       Work on your fluency. In the TOEFL, everything is timed, including the duration of your talk. Fluency refers to the ability to speak continuously. Because  the test is timed, every pause and every filler will count against you. Practice fluency by doing practice examinations and by using English continuously even outside the classroom.
  4. 4.       Work within the time limit. As stated above, everything in the TOEFL is timed. In TOEFL Speaking in particular, the preparation time and the speaking time are specified. Make sure that you make the most out of the prep time by taking down notes effectively. For the speaking time, you must try and get in all the ideas you want to express within the given duration.
  5. 5.       Stay focused on the prize. Anxiety is the most dangerous enemy of any speaker. Here is the truth: no matter how seasoned a speaker is, there will always be that tinge of anxiety. Stage fright never goes away. The trick is to make sure you know that the performance is more important than the anxiety – that the TOEFL Speaking Score of 30 is much more important than your nerves. Beat the anxiety of speaking by practicing more and staying focus on the task.

The TOEFL Speaking Test is difficult – that is a given. But getting a score that is above and beyond what most people would need – a perfect 30 – is not impossible. All you need is the right preparation.


Good luck!


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