Why Foreigners Prefer Filipino Workers

Once upon a time, a Chinese journalist called Tsip Chao called the Philippines “a nation or servants” and of course such proclamation (despite being a satire) caused uproar. Despite the somewhat derogatory remarks made by the journalist, being called a “nation of servants” has some truth in it, although I honestly prefer the phrase to be “a nation of international-standard workforce”.

The Filipino workforce has long been the primary export commodity of the country. The Philippines has survived the world financial crisis primarily because of the remittance of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). Why do foreigners prefer Filipino workers over other nationalities to fill in their workforce needs? Here are some of the reasons.

  1. The Filipino adapts. Bring the Filipino anywhere – Europe, the United States, other countries in Asia, in the Middle East – and you can be sure that he or she adapts to the culture and the laws of the country. The heat of the desert or the biting of winter is nothing to Filipinos. We have OFWs working in Japan, Korea, and the Middle East and they have proven themselves capable to bridge the language barrier. The Filipino’s ability to be molded by his or her environment makes him or her a better candidate in the international workforce.
  2. The Filipino is naturally industrious. We have heard several stories of the Filipino’s dedication to his or her work. In hospitals where there are Filipino health care workers, extending time to provide better care for clients is not uncommon. Our engineers do their best to make sure that structures of buildings being constructed are safe and designed to the highest standards.
  3. The Filipino can communicate in English. Being the language of international trade, English is important for anyone who wants to work abroad. Having studied and communicated in English since childhood, employees see the Filipino’s advantage over other nationalities in terms of communication. The Filipino’s proficiency in English is obvious, especially if one looks at the average results of the IELTS and TOEFL tests, which measures English proficiency.

The Filipino is indeed international standards, and employers from all over the world recognize the potential of our people. Opportunities for a better life abroad exist and we FIlipinos have a clear advantage. All we need to do is do our part and grab what has been laid in front of us.

Good luck. 


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