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How to Sound Corporate During an Interview

In the process of getting a job, the interview is most often the last hurdle. During the interview, the interpersonal communication skill of the candidate is one of the things assessed by the interviewer. The same is true for English proficiency speaking examinations like the IELTS. The main thing to remember when it comes to these speaking challengers is that you are speaking with professionals and in a professional setting. Thus, your tone as a speaker must be corporate.

There are several ways to do this.

  1. Avoid using slang. Contrary to popular belief, slang does not refer to the American accent – it refers to colloquial or informal use of language. To put it simply, slang is street language. This will most certainly not do in the corporate setting.
  2. Modulate your voice. Modulation of voice refers to the speed of which you speak and the tone which you take. Speak neither too fast nor too slow. Make sure that the words you say come out clearly. Also, make sure that the loudness and the pitch that you take is neutral.
  3. Sprinkle sophisticated words into the conversation. Show your English prowess by making use of sophisticated words while conversing with the interviewer. The trick, however, is to use these words subtly and not use an entire lot in every single sentence. Be simple and sophisticated at the same time.
  4. Be friendly, not creepy. You are meeting your interviewer for the first time. A show of warmth will endear you to most people, and this is definitely advantageous. Being friendly with your interviewer also shows that you are confidence. However, you must remember that this person is not your friend, but someone who is judging your skill as a professional, interpersonal communication included. Learn to set boundaries between you and the interviewer. Your primary job is to impress your interviewer.
  5. Know about what you are talking about. Whether the interview is for a job or for an English examination, sounding professional also means sounding like you know what the topic is about. If it is a job interview, then make sure you know what the job description of the position you applied for is, and a bit of background regarding the company. If it is an English examination, make sure to have increased your stock knowledge because topics can be anything under the sun.

Sounding professional during an interview, regardless of whether it is for a job or for an English test, is important as reinforces the interviewee’s communication skill and is a show of confidence. Remember to practice this whenever you have interviews.

Good luck!


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