How to Write Effectively

This is by far my favorite topic to write about, as I am also a writer. Any English examination would require that you be an effective writer. I would like to clarify this: this does NOT mean that you have to be in the same creative genius as J.K. Rowling, Louisa May Alcott, or Nick Joaquin. Effective writing means making sense.  The more sense you make – the more the readers can follow the train of your thought – the more effective you are.

Here are some things that can help you become an effective writer.

  1. 1.       Work on your grammar and lexical resource. To be understandable, you and your reader must be on the same page. This does not mean a similarity of opinion. What you write about may not necessarily reflect what your reader feels about the subject. You and your reader, however, must use the same language structure. The more accurate your language use is, the more understandable you will be to your reader.
  2. 2.       Make sure that your ideas flow smoothly. To avoid resembling a chop-chop murder victim, the use of transition words and the organization of ideas must be practiced. Your article should resemble water, with ideas flowing smoothly into one another, forming a cohesive narrative or exposition.
  3. 3.       Make use of the correct “voice of the writer”. Your writing style must comply with the audience you are targeting. Think of it this way: an author who writes stories for children will not make use of the same style as someone who is writing for corporate publication. You must make use of the appropriate level of formality depending on the audience you are writing for.
  4. 4.       Write with boundaries. Creative writers would write whatever would come into their heads. This is alright, if you simply want to put on paper whatever ideas you have. These writers would often have time to edit their work later on. However, in English examinations, you would most likely have the shortest amount of time possible for revisions. Make sure that you zero in on what you are supposed to write. To make everything simple, here is a tip: Stay within the bounds of the topic given.
  5. 5.       Know what you are writing about. You can never write about something you have not got the slightest idea about. Build your stock knowledge and then work the ideas you have in order to strengthen the narrative or the exposition that you are writing.

Writing is indeed a creative process, but it is more than that. To be an effective writer, writing once or twice is enough. Be patient with yourself. There is no such thing as an overnight transformation when it comes to writing skills. It takes time, patience, discipline, and a lot of revisions and edits. Learn from it. Practice it. Write.

Good luck. 


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