Top Ten Immigration Facts Filipinos Need to Know About Australia

The Land Down Under – Australia is very promising in terms of living a good life and finding better career opportunities. Australia is known as the largest island and the world’s smallest flattest continent. Moreover, it is one of the oldest countries in the planet with the richest cultures that they pride of. Who would not want to live in Australia?

There are big opportunities waiting for any individuals, including Filipinos, in working and living in Australia. As a matter of fact, due to skills shortage and the threat of the ageing population in the country, Australia has opened a door of opportunity to accept more foreign workers to work for their companies and institutions. Here are some immigration facts for Filipinos to need to know about Australia.

1. If you are someone applying for an Australian citizenship, you need to be a migrant who is a permanent resident. Permanent resident status means that you have a visa that permits you to live in Australia indefinitely.

2. Being a long-term resident in Australia does not mean you are an Australian citizen.

3. With regards to family migration, the processing time depends on several factors considering the complexity of the case, planning levels and priority of the visa category.

4. Lots of people who have gained entry in Australia are those people who are sponsored by companies. Not only does it guarantee an entry to the country but also an assurance of a career opportunity.

5. Partners and fiancés of Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents may enter or remain permanently in Australia.

6. Parents have the possibility to migrate in Australia if they have a child who is an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident.

7. Aged dependent relatives, remaining relatives and care givers of Australian citizens and Australian permanent residents may apply for visas to come to Australia permanently.

8. Visitor visas should not be used for long-term stays, for residence in Australia or for the purpose of remaining in Australia for extended periods to await a migration outcome.

9. If an application for a family stream visa was made outside Australia the visa generally cannot be granted while the applicant is in Australia.

10. Visa applicants must be sure that they have completed all the requirements needed which include an English proficiency examination to ensure their competency in using the English language in an English speaking country.
Any individuals planning to migrate in Australia needs to consider the things that were mentioned above. For more information regarding types of visas and immigration policies, visit


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