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IELTS Examination Fee in the Philippines

There are still some candidates for the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination that are uncertain regarding the registration process in the examination. IELTS is an English proficiency examination taken by different individuals – professionals or students – to acquire a certification that they are good English speakers. This certificate is needed in applying for work overseas, enrolling in a student program or even immigration in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom and even some states in the United States of America. Organizations and academic institutions have been very strict in requiring an IELTS score making more and more non-English native speakers like Filipinos take the IELTS examination.

In registering for the examination, you have the option to either take the IELTS under the IDP or the British Council. These are two authorized agencies that host the IELTS examination. Some are actually wondering about the significant difference between the IDP and the British Council. In reality, the IELTS test provided by the two agencies is the same whether you are taking the Academic and the General Training Modules. To register for the test, follow these very easy steps.

For the British Council, upon registering make sure that you have a valid document or passport. This passport will be needed on the exam day to check whether it is really you who registered for the test. Another requirement is a soft copy of your recent photo. For online payment, you need to have a VISA card or MasterCard for. Finally, another soft copy of your passport is required.

When registering for the IDP, a valid ID (passport, PRC ID, SSS ID, GSIS e-card) is needed along with a photocopy of this ID and 2 pieces of passport sized photos. Applications for both can be walk in, by courier, or thru online application.
In terms of fee, the IDP charges PhP 8900 while the British Council is at PhP 8986 pesos. If you are a candidate who does not have any credit cards or manager’s check, do not fret for IELTS review centers are there to help you.

IELTS review centers not only give services in terms of training for the IELTS but at the same time they help candidates register for the test. They are authorized centers that can provide service in terms of registration. They will help candidates regarding payment methods. Everything is convenient and much easier with IELTS review centers.

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Where to Enroll for the IELTS in Cebu City?

As an English competency examination, the International English Language Testing System has provided non-native English speakers, like Filipinos, a certificate to prove their fluency with the use of the English language. In the Philippines, a huge number of Filipinos has been preparing to take the said examination as it is a very important requirement for employment and for education overseas.

The IELTS examination has two different modules where candidates can choose from depending on their need. The Academic Module is usually taken by individuals who are going to study in a more than six months course program and planning to find work. The General Training Module is for individuals who are going to take a course program in less than six months, for people who are undergoing a short training program and for immigration purposes.

In the Philippines, particularly in Cebu, the IDP center for the IELTS is located at Unit 1504, 15/F Keppel center, Cardinal Rosales Avenue corner Samar Loop, Cebu Business Park. For the British Council, you can visit their resource center at 2815 C&L Building, S. Cabahug corner Gochan Street, Mabolo City.
Here in the Philippines, IELTS review centers play a vital role in helping candidates attain their need for their target overall band score (OBS). How can these IELTS review centers help candidates?

First of all, IELTS review centers have updated books and manuals that are used for their review classes. These materials are constantly updated and manuals are revised to guarantee the relevance of the lessons to the training. It is important to have recent materials used as to ensure quality review and education in the whole duration of the program.

Second, IELTS review centers have coaches and mentors that are trained to handle classes and help candidates become prepared for the IELTS examination. Candidates are guided in the techniques and strategies they need to have to successfully ace the IELTS examination. Moreover, these mentors provide comments and feedbacks that lead candidates to answer better and come up with more intelligent and appropriate answers.

Finally, not only they help candidates with their training for the test, but also help them enrol for the examination. IELTS review centers are authorized centers where one can register for the examination. Candidates do not need to worry for they are guided step-by-step in the registration process. IELTS review centers make it easier for candidates to find a date for their examination. It is indeed hassle-free.

Some people may think that IELTS review centers are a waste of money and time. In fact, IELTS review centers are the best help one can get to gain the knowledge and experience they need for the IELTS exam.

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How to Dress for the IELTS Speaking Exam

Dress to impress. This is the usual line we hear from people when we are to attend a job interview. In job interviews, it is very important to create a good impression from the hiring managers. Having this impression will help an applicant get the job, of course with the right responses he or she has done in the interview. In taking the International English Language Testing System examination or IELTS test, the speaking examination is a one-on-one interview with a native English speaker. Since candidates are going to sit in front of the interviewer, it is best to dress appropriately for this event though there are no strict rules on what to wear during the interview. What should men and women wear and not wear during the IELTS speaking examination?
For women, wearing a fresh pair of pants and a nice blouse will be okay. In addition, you can also wear a nice dress but not the revealing ones. When we say revealing, these are dresses that have low v-neck style, backless style and very short dresses. You can also wear some slacks or khakis paired with some flat shoes. Wear shoes that look formal. Do not go for the skater look by wearing some sneakers.
It is always best for women to wear a collared shirt during the speaking examination. The collared shirt can be paired with some pants or khakis. To complete the look, men can wear some formal shoes like the leather ones or semi-formal shoes those made of suede. Wearing sneakers or rubber shoes are okay; however, it is still best to look formal during the interview.
In reality, there are no strict rules regarding dress codes during the speaking examination. The more important thing to do is to be able to answer all the questions in the speaking tasks appropriately and correctly.
For some candidates, as a preparation for the IELTS speaking examination, they choose to enrol in IELTS review centers. In IELTS review centers, candidates are given the chance to be in an interview conducted by coaches in the review center. Additionally, they will be taught on strategies on how to respond to questions well and properly. Furthermore, they will be given advice on the appropriate clothing to wear ad the behaviour one must have during the interview.
Indeed, IELTS review centers not only prepare their candidates academically but also their appearance in the duration of the IELTS examination.

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IELTS Speaking Tips: Apps for IELTS Speaking

Have you ever felt nervous in speaking with other people? Most people have this fear in speaking English not only to native speakers but to other Filipinos as well. This is mainly because English is not our first language and using it makes somebody feel awkward. For most people taking an English competency test like the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination, being in a one-on-one interview with a native speaker is a part of the tasks candidates have to take. That is the reason why candidates take a lot of time and effort to prepare for the said speaking examination.

With the latest innovations in technology today, IELTS examinations reviews have been better and much more convenient. There are certain apps that can one can download on their smart phones to help them review for the IELTS while on the go.

• 101 Tips for IELTS Speaking by EEKAPP International Limited
This app focuses on teaching candidates how to master fluency, coherence and pronunciation with 101 practical speaking tips. It has elaborated examples, which will contribute to the candidate’s understanding, memorization, and most importantly application.

• IELTS Speaking 4 by EEKAPP International Limited
The topics covered in this app are the usual topics covered in the IELTS speaking examination: work, ambitions, birthday, holiday, tourism, studies, crime, cultural events, advice, home, food, festivals, memories, history, hometown, foreign languages, telephones, and friendship.

• IELTS Speaking Practice by Andy Mai Software
Looking for an app that can record and play back your answers? Then this app is just what you need. The app has over 300 questions with over 18 topics and over 40 cue cards to help candidates practice speaking fluently in the IELTS speaking examination. Moreover, there are 5 mock tests available for the candidate to take advantage of. The best thing about this app is that you can record your response and be able to realize the weak points in your answer. This will help you to do better and know what to include and remove from your answers.

With the variety of free apps in Android and iOS, candidates will have access to the newest and most efficient apps they can have on their smart phones and tablets. What’s more convenient is that most apps are free of charge. Thus, candidates can take advantage of these offerings and review for the IELTS whenever and wherever they want.

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How to Take the IELTS Exam in Davao City

Davao City has one of the highest numbers of individuals planning to take the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination. It is pretty obvious as the number of enrolees in IELTS review centers have been increasing yearly as more and more demands of certain professions have also been rising overseas. The IELTS score has been one of the important prerequisites needed by hiring managers and employers abroad. Thus, reaching the target score in the IELTS examination is very important.

Here in Davao City, there are quite a number of IELTS review centers. These review centers all aim to bring good service to their clients in terms of providing quality education and training. Individuals are asking how they can take the examination here in Davao City. For starters, it is important to know how to register first for the IELTS examination.
First, as a candidate, you are given the choice to sign up for the British Council or IDP. These are two agencies responsible in delivering the IELTS examination.

In registering for the British Council, you can follow this process.

1. Prepare your valid ID. It can be any government ID or any ID with your picture and signature affixed on it. Be sure to bring the same ID you have used in registering on the day of the examination.

2. Have a soft copy of your recent photo. Have them scanned. Do not show your teeth and do not smile.

3. If this is not your first take of the IELTS, prepare a soft copy of the IELTS certificate you have before.

4. A payment of PhP 8,986 is to be made by cash or credit card.

5. Finally, also provide a soft copy of the ID you will be using for the examination.

For the IDP:

1. Complete the application form. You can ask help from IELTS review centers when doing this.

2. Provide any of the following valid identifications: a valid passport, PRC professional ID, SSS ID, GSIS ID, or the Multipurpose Unified National ID. Make sure you also have these Ids photocopied.

3. You will be asked to present two pieces of your latest passport-sized pictures. Be sure not to wear any eyewear on the day the photo is taken. Again, do not show your teeth.

4. Prepare PhP 8,900 as your payment for registration.

In Davao City, the usual test centers are the Marco Polo Hotel and Grand Regal Hotel. Double check the location of your test center to avoid confusion. If you are not confident enough in registering for the exam, ask help from the IELTS review centers.