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How to Take the IELTS Exam in Davao City

Davao City has one of the highest numbers of individuals planning to take the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination. It is pretty obvious as the number of enrolees in IELTS review centers have been increasing yearly as more and more demands of certain professions have also been rising overseas. The IELTS score has been one of the important prerequisites needed by hiring managers and employers abroad. Thus, reaching the target score in the IELTS examination is very important.

Here in Davao City, there are quite a number of IELTS review centers. These review centers all aim to bring good service to their clients in terms of providing quality education and training. Individuals are asking how they can take the examination here in Davao City. For starters, it is important to know how to register first for the IELTS examination.
First, as a candidate, you are given the choice to sign up for the British Council or IDP. These are two agencies responsible in delivering the IELTS examination.

In registering for the British Council, you can follow this process.

1. Prepare your valid ID. It can be any government ID or any ID with your picture and signature affixed on it. Be sure to bring the same ID you have used in registering on the day of the examination.

2. Have a soft copy of your recent photo. Have them scanned. Do not show your teeth and do not smile.

3. If this is not your first take of the IELTS, prepare a soft copy of the IELTS certificate you have before.

4. A payment of PhP 8,986 is to be made by cash or credit card.

5. Finally, also provide a soft copy of the ID you will be using for the examination.

For the IDP:

1. Complete the application form. You can ask help from IELTS review centers when doing this.

2. Provide any of the following valid identifications: a valid passport, PRC professional ID, SSS ID, GSIS ID, or the Multipurpose Unified National ID. Make sure you also have these Ids photocopied.

3. You will be asked to present two pieces of your latest passport-sized pictures. Be sure not to wear any eyewear on the day the photo is taken. Again, do not show your teeth.

4. Prepare PhP 8,900 as your payment for registration.

In Davao City, the usual test centers are the Marco Polo Hotel and Grand Regal Hotel. Double check the location of your test center to avoid confusion. If you are not confident enough in registering for the exam, ask help from the IELTS review centers.


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