How to Dress for the IELTS Speaking Exam

Dress to impress. This is the usual line we hear from people when we are to attend a job interview. In job interviews, it is very important to create a good impression from the hiring managers. Having this impression will help an applicant get the job, of course with the right responses he or she has done in the interview. In taking the International English Language Testing System examination or IELTS test, the speaking examination is a one-on-one interview with a native English speaker. Since candidates are going to sit in front of the interviewer, it is best to dress appropriately for this event though there are no strict rules on what to wear during the interview. What should men and women wear and not wear during the IELTS speaking examination?
For women, wearing a fresh pair of pants and a nice blouse will be okay. In addition, you can also wear a nice dress but not the revealing ones. When we say revealing, these are dresses that have low v-neck style, backless style and very short dresses. You can also wear some slacks or khakis paired with some flat shoes. Wear shoes that look formal. Do not go for the skater look by wearing some sneakers.
It is always best for women to wear a collared shirt during the speaking examination. The collared shirt can be paired with some pants or khakis. To complete the look, men can wear some formal shoes like the leather ones or semi-formal shoes those made of suede. Wearing sneakers or rubber shoes are okay; however, it is still best to look formal during the interview.
In reality, there are no strict rules regarding dress codes during the speaking examination. The more important thing to do is to be able to answer all the questions in the speaking tasks appropriately and correctly.
For some candidates, as a preparation for the IELTS speaking examination, they choose to enrol in IELTS review centers. In IELTS review centers, candidates are given the chance to be in an interview conducted by coaches in the review center. Additionally, they will be taught on strategies on how to respond to questions well and properly. Furthermore, they will be given advice on the appropriate clothing to wear ad the behaviour one must have during the interview.
Indeed, IELTS review centers not only prepare their candidates academically but also their appearance in the duration of the IELTS examination.


2 thoughts on “How to Dress for the IELTS Speaking Exam

  1. Hey I have all 4 Speaking,reading,listening & writing on the same day. speaking is the last session conducted, am planing on wearing a casual 3/4th & tops as its sunny as well, i dont have anyone or my location doesnt have storage area.! please recommend is it better to do so?

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