Requirements Needed to Get a Fiancée Visa in Australia

Australia is one of the cities in the world that is often visited by tourists because of its natural parks and wildlife. Not only that, the country is also famous for its Sydney Opera House where it features a modern and sophisticated architectural design. In any way you see it, Australia is a good place to live and find employment. This is one of the reasons why individuals apply for a fiancée visa. If you are someone to be married with someone from Australia, here are some few points you have to bear in mind for you to be granted a visa.

• The visa allows you to enter Australia and marry within the visa’s nine month validity period. The fiancé must be an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen.

• The couple must be able to show that their relationship is real. This will include the intention of marrying the fiancé(e) within the nine month period since the granting of visa and intention to live with the partner as spouse.

• A proof that the couple has met personally and has known each other.

• Couples should be of legal age (18 years old).

• Health requirements should be met by the applicants.

• No criminal records for the applicant and must possess good moral character.

• The sponsor must also have good financial standing and is capable to support the needs.

• In applying for the said visa, one must be applying it outside Australia. The applicant is entitled to full work rights for the duration of the fiancé(e) visa. After marriage, then the applicant can apply for the permanent residence through spouse visa.

• A certificate of their English fluency by taking the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination.
Applicants should remember that there is an application visa charge or VAC in applying for this visa. However, the fee cannot be refunded once the application is successful or the applicants have decided to withdraw the application after lodging it.

For Filipinos, the best thing to do is to find a migration agent to help you process your applications for the visa. These agents are authorized individuals to take you step-by-step on the process of acquiring your requirements and lodging your application.

Applicants are sure to exert more time and money on this application; hence, it is better to start early and get the requirements most especially the IELTS certification.

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