How to Take NPTE in the Philippines?

A lot of Filipino physical therapists recently have been in to review classes for the NPTE or the National Physical Therapy Examination. The key to a good and productive examination is the sufficient amount of training and planning for the examination. It sounds easy just imagining it, but in reality, it is not. Hundreds and even thousands of physical therapists in the Philippines take courses in NPTE review centers to be trained on how to respond on the tests. Additionally, through NPTE review centers, candidates are more comfortable and familiar with the course of the examination.

The Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy or FSBPT administers the NPTE. The NPTE is a licensure examination needed by every physical therapy graduates who want to practice their profession in the United States of America. Foreign-educated physical therapists are also required to pass the said examination.

The NPTE is a computer-based examination. It is divided into two – the licensure for physical therapist (PT) and licensure for physical therapist assistants (PTA). For the PTs, the exam has five sections with 50 questions each. 200 items of these multiple choice questions are scored while the other 50 are being pretested to see if they are suited with the standards for the future exams. For the PTAs, there are a total of 200 multiple choice questions with 50 of these are pretested and not scored.

There is a scheduled 15 minute break during the examination; however, candidates are not allowed to browse their notes and even use their cellular phones. The scoring on the NPTE ranges from 200 to 800 with a passing score of 600 for both PT and PTA.
With regards to their test locations, the testing is administered at Prometric Testing Centers in the jurisdiction for which the applicant is applying for. Hence, for Filipino physical therapists, the first thing they can do is to do the credentialing at the Foreign Credentialing Commission on PT. Everything is done online including the lodging of applications and the payments made for the examination.

The test schedules for the next year’s NPTE are the following:

January 29, 2014
April 30, 2014
July 22 and 23, 2014
October 29, 2014

Unfortunately for Filipinos, test centers for the NPTE are not available in the country. Hence, candidates need to go abroad or even in the United States to take the NPTE. While preparing for the test, it is suggested for the candidates to take NPTE review classes in NPTE review centers here in the Philippines to know more information on the exam.

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