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Successful Tips in Acing the TOEFL Speaking Test

The Test of English as a Foreign Language or the TOEFL is an English competency examination that gives certification to its candidates of their fluency with the usage of the English language. It has four language skills being tested and one of these is considered easier compared to other English proficiency examinations – the TOEFL speaking test. Though, it is quiet easier compared to others, there is still a need to prepare and be ready for the speaking section of the TOEFL. Most especially for Filipinos, companies and schools overseas are keen in the speaking section of the TOEFL test. As part of candidate’s preparation for the examination, it is best to know some tips to have a high score in the TOEFL speaking test.

• Correct use of transitions
Sometimes, candidates create sentences that are quite long and illogical. Hence, to make these sentences better and correct, candidates should start using transition words. These transition words are signal words that guide the listener to your response. These transitions can show adding an idea or giving an opposite idea to a topic. It makes the flow of the response smooth and smart.

• Better vocabulary
Show off your vocabulary by using new words and expressions. How can one build their vocabulary? It is through reading books, newspapers, and journals or even watching movies. Expanding your vocabulary is both fun and educational.

• Creating an organized response
What makes a response confusing? It is because of the unorganized flow of the ideas. Candidates need to outline what they have in mind when giving responses. To make responses organized, candidates should be able to make an introduction, a body that shows two strong points and a conclusion.

• Practice speaking English with friends
They say practice makes perfect. So, the best thing to do is communicate with your friends in English. Though it may sound awkward at first but getting used to it is the key. The more you get comfortable in using the language, the better you become when you are in the real test.

In practicing for the TOEFL speaking test, one can practice recording their responses and listen to this afterwards. By doing this, the candidate can realize and notice the things that he or she needs to consider working on more. Also, candidates will be able to hear themselves and criticize the things they need to improve on. In addition, having a speaking partner will be an advantage to help a candidate be confident in using the English language.


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