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Free Online Resources to Practice IELTS Speaking Exam

Are you ready to face a native speaker for your IELTS Speaking Exam? The International English Language Testing System exam (IELTS) challenges every individual’s expertise in using the English language. As the modern world becomes more competitive, hiring managers, employers and school heads look for applicants – employees and students – who can speak English very well. Due to this, companies and schools have started requiring an IELTS certificate with specific scores to their applicants.

Among the other sections of the IETLTS examination, it is the speaking section where candidates feel most anxious. It is because candidates need to sit in front of a native speaker for an interview. Though Filipinos can manage to carry a conversation in English, it is still best for Filipinos to undergo training and classes that will hone their speaking skills. For starters, candidates can start with these free online speaking practice tests found online.

• Speaking Test in IELTS
The speaking exercises found in this website are filled with different exercises that will help candidates become more familiar with the usual topics used in the IELTS examination. It is best to have a partner who will stand as an interviewer with these questions. Have this partner rate your responses. It is a good start to know your strengths and weaknesses on your speaking skills

• British Council IELTS
British Council has very good practice tests for the speaking. This has audio recordings and exercises are downloadable for the candidates own convenience. In addition, there are certain tips and hints that are suggested to make responses better and appropriate.

• IELTS Buddy
Sample responses are provided for candidates to show candidates possible ways on answering them. It will also give the candidates ideas that you can talk about once you are already faced with the native speaker. Though the questions have a provided sample response, it is suggested for candidates not to memorize the flow of responses for raters or interviewers can distinguish a patterned response.

• iPassIELTS
They have 10 practice tests that contain possible vocabulary and expressions that are useful for their responses. In addition, they also provide possible transition words to make the responses smarter.

Practicing with a partner for the IELTS speaking with the help of these examples mentioned above is a good step towards developing your skills. Additionally, attending IELTS classes in IELTS review centers is a great advantage as coaches and mentors train their candidates to be the best in IELTS speaking examination.


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