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Benefits of IELTS For Professionals in the Philippines

Why is it that a lot of people are taking the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination? What good does it do? Can we gain anything from it?

Thousands have already taken the IELTS test with one main purpose: to get a certification as a part of their requirements in working overseas. This is true, yet it is better to know whether IELTS brings any advantage to the one holding its certification. It is for a fact that many have taken the test just to comply with the requirement not thinking of what the test is all about and its purpose. Hence, let us shed some light to those people and make them realize the benefits of IELTS to working professionals here in the country.

First off, the IELTS examination is an English competency exam. It is widely accepted in the world by different agencies, companies and academic institutions. The IELTS is a paper-based test that measures one’s proficiency in using the English language in its four language areas: speaking, reading, listening and writing.

Filipino professionals who are taking the IELTS test should not only consider the IELTS a requirement for their applications. There are benefits in taking the IELTS.

• Opens door to international employment opportunities
Since you already have an IELTS certificate, you are a certified individual with above average English speaking skills. This gives you the advantage in working for English speaking countries. The market out there is very competitive; hence, this is a point you should take advantage. You do not need to undergo English training for you can use the language with ease and comfort. Moreover, it qualifies you to have better positions in the company since you can be productive. Better job opportunities and possible career growth are very promising with the IELTS.

• An opportunity to further studies overseas
You might be planning to further your studies as part of your career growth. The IELTS certification is accepted by different academic institutions. It is a guarantee that you will be a student with exceptional English skills that schools and colleges will not have second thoughts in accepting you in their institutions.

In any viewpoint, the IELTS certification makes the candidate competitive and qualified in any work opportunities abroad. The competition overseas is very tight, so Filipinos have to take advantage of their skill in being able to speak the English language compared to other non-native English speakers. This advantage should be developed more and honed to perfection for the IELTS.


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