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The IELTS Test Flow Chart

Learning techniques and strategies for the International English Language Testing System examination or the IELTS has always been given importance. Different test takers have recommended going to IELTS review centers to those future candidates for the IELTS. This recommendation is to help candidates acquire the knowledge and experience training that will build and develop their English skills suited for the IELTS examination. Following this training, candidates are encouraged to read more information for the IELTS.

This includes information on the do’s and don’ts for the exam, the things needed during the examination day, and most importantly the test flow of the IELTS exam.

It is common for the speaking test to be scheduled a couple of days before the written exams (reading, listening, and writing). However, there are times that the written exams come first before the speaking exam. It all depends upon the schedule given to the candidate. Here is a test flow provided by the British Council for the IELTS Test.

1. Arrive at the test venue early.
Check the confirmation email sent to your email. Indicated in the email is the candidate’s number and the test room for the IELTS examination.

2. Deposit personal belongings.
All your personal belongings will be placed right outside the test area. Bag tags are placed and candidates are given too. Once bags are deposited, the candidate can proceed to the room.

3. Bring the necessary documents.
As you proceed to the test center, bring your ID, a photocopy of your ID, confirmation email, bag tag and a transparent water bottle. Before going in, be sure to use the toilet as there are no breaks once the test has started.

4. ID verification
Your identification will be checked before the exam is given. Your photo will be taken and a finger scan is done.

5. Written Exam
The written exam starts at nine and finishes at half past twelve. After the exam is done, candidates can claim their belongings.

6. Speaking test
Be at the speaking test area twenty minutes before the exam.

7. Registration
IDs will be verified. This includes your passport, desk label, and your room card.

8. Speaking Test
Go inside the room and take the test. It will take about ten to fifteen minutes to finish. After the test, leave the room and return the room card and claim you personal belongings.

To know more about the flow of the IELTS test, check this out at


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