Review about Jrooz Review Center Inc.

It has a long dream for me to go to Australia and pursue my dreams of becoming a world-class chef. The moment I told my parents about this, they were very happy and supportive to find me a school in Australia and help me finance with my studies there. Searching on the internet, my parents and I found a culinary school in Australia. I applied for a slot in their program and luckily I got accepted. However, there was one requirement that made me quite apprehensive – it was to take an English proficiency examination, the International English Language Testing System or the IELTS.

Having this requirement, I searched for review materials online. A friend of mine told me that it would be much better for me to undergo classes and training in an IELTS review center. Immediately, I logged online and search for an IELTS review center, and I found JRooz Review Center Inc.

JRooz has been a great help to me in understanding the IELTS. I can say that I can fairly use the English language; however, when I was in the classes, I felt less confident with my English skills. I was challenged with the way how the coaches handle classes. They were very well in responding to my queries and they have never failed to guide me throughout the program. Whenever I felt confused and puzzled, they would tell me what to do and clear things out.

The center has been a second home for me too. It has posed a friendly-learning environment which made me feel relaxed and comfortable all throughout the review. Also, my classmates were very eager to learn making me more challenged to push more and study harder. It was indeed conducive place to learn not only from the mentors but also to my classmates.

Moreover, the staff in the center was very approachable and accommodating. They helped me register online for the examination. There was no time that they hesitated to answer my queries and guide me through the registration. Furthermore, the mentors are very friendly even outside the class. They make you feel good. In class, they can be strict and very critical but they are doing it for the enrolees benefit.

Now, I am here in Australia studying to become a chef. I got my IELTS score needed for my school and now I am enjoying the perks of being a student in Australia and living life in Australia. Without JRooz, this dream would not be a reality.


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