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The Importance of English Proficiency for Business

English is a difficult language to use – this is the usual line people comment when they study the said language. The English language can be pretty challenging to master; however, the benefits in using the language are endless. Known to be the second language spoken in the world, the importance of the English language not only has been limited to the use in education but also in other fields as well. The usage of the English language has shown its importance and value in the business world. With the majority of business communications done in English, international companies and large conglomerate make sure that they have people working for them that are good English speakers.

What is the importance of knowing the English language in business?
1. Like what is mentioned earlier, English is the most spoken language in the world.
In the modern world today, many countries have been using the English language as their spoken language. Thus, we can say that this is the only language that can be easily understood by any individual. Gaining fluency in the language means greater possibilities in using different technologies that would improve one’s skill in the business world.

2. Communication gets easier and more efficient.
Imagine reserving a hotel room in China where the receptionist cannot speak English? That could be a lot of trouble. Most communications done in the business world are in the English language. Whether it is in written communication or oral communication, the usage of English in any aspect of doing business covers all possibilities. Having good command in the English language can bring increased productivity in businesses. Also, communications done in email, presentations, and even in marketing your own companies are much more effective in the English language.

3. Better Job/Career Opportunities
If a person is fluent in the English language, getting a job overseas will not be a huge problem. The world has been a very competitive arena that employers overseas look for people who are good at the English language. Companies hire these kind of professionals as they need people who can communicate in the said language to bring productivity in their businesses. Hence, many individuals take different English proficiency examinations to comply with the different English requirements they need.

English can be considered the most important language in the world. As many individuals learn to use the language, the result is an increase in the productivity in the company and a better economy provided by the different businesses in the country.


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