Don’ts During the IELTS Test Day

Following instructions carefully has always been the rule in any given examinations. In the International English Language Testing System examination or the IELTS test, there is a set of rules a candidate must abide by to avoid any problem with his her test. These rules are meant to help candidates have a good flow of the exam. Aside from the things that candidates need to do, there are some things that candidates have to avoid doing on and during the IELTS examination day.

• When the examination has started, you are not allowed to talk with other candidates. Sharing of one’s ideas or asking questions regarding the exam is strictly prohibited. One should raise their hand to get the test administrator’s attention.

• Candidates are not permitted to borrow items such as pens, pencils or erasers from other candidates. Before the examination starts, candidates should check their writing instruments – pencils sharpened and pens are writing well.

• Nobody is given permission to eat or smoke inside the testing room. It is recommended that candidates should eat before the examination. Rooms are air-conditioned; hence, smoking is strictly prohibited.

• Do not leave the testing area without notifying the test center administrator. All items must be returned and no sheets are permitted to be brought outside the room.

• Do not attempt to cheat in any way such as impersonating another candidate, copying answers from another candidate, reproducing the exam, attempting to change information in Test Results, and any disruption that can cause distraction with other candidates taking the exam.

• Candidates are not allowed to use a dictionary, mobile phones and even recorders during the test. Any candidate caught in possession of any of the items mentioned will be sanctioned accordingly.

• Candidates are not allowed to ask the help of test administrators to explain the content of the exam.

• Once you are finished, tell the administrators and leave the room quietly. Do not create any noise right outside the test center area.

Candidates are reminded that any form of malpractice during the exam will face penalties depending on the severity of the action. Exam can be cancelled and even candidates may face legal actions. To avoid such complications, candidates should be reminded with the things to avoid during the examination day.

All the candidates need to do is to follow instructions accordingly to avoid any problems on the examination day. For more information on the rules, check some details at


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