Is Low Business English Threat to Corporate Success?

Why do we need to learn the English language?

Having been educated mostly using the English language, Filipino professionals are individuals that are sought after by different international companies. The Filipinos ability to use the language has been the reason for this. As we all know, Filipinos have been using the English language for many years now in their education system. The language used in education is used as early as the age of 5 in schools in the Philippines. Furthermore, most books in used in school are printed in the English language. Needless to say, Filipinos are already familiar with the rules and the appropriate usage of English.

In a modern world today, using the English language in the business world has been of great importance. Productivity and efficiency of the business depend on the quality of the people working in these companies and institutions. However, are there any threats posed if people working in the corporate world cannot speak English fairly well?

• Miscommunication is one problem that can hinder a company’s success due to low understanding of business English. People rely on communication to close deals in businesses. Imagine closing a deal with someone who can hardly speak English. Both parties can be pretty anxious in the process of negotiating with the deal. What would happen if there were discrepancies because of miscommunication? No deals and possible closure of the business.

• Presenting proposals in English is very common. How will you be able to present a new business venture if your presentation is confusing and is full of English errors? Won’t it be a little embarrassing facing people with very poor command in English? Hence, it is important for individuals to have knowledge in the English language as it promotes their competence and productivity in their field. Lack of know-how can cause failure in your job and to your company as well.

• Can’t find a suitable job overseas? It might be a good time to check your English fluency. Companies and institutions overseas look for individuals who can work with them efficiently using the English language. This is the reason more and more people are taking English proficiency examinations to back up their applications in job opportunities overseas.

It is evident that through different English competency examinations, employers in other countries can choose applicants that can fill in their job vacancies. These companies have set standard scores in their required English proficiency exams which candidates should attain.


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