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How to Improve English Listening Skills

Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses. For example, some people are very good at speaking in English language whilst some are not very confident when asked to speak in front of someone or even in public. Some are even good writers whilst some cannot even write a simple paragraph without help from someone. In the English language, carrying out a good and interactive conversation with people needs a good listening skill. If you cannot listen properly to a question or a remark said, how can you respond or make a reaction? Hence, it is important for any individual, most especially those undergoing English proficiency training, to know techniques and strategies that will improve their English listening skills.

1. Watch or listen to TV or radio programs in English.
Watching shows like news programs such as CNN will help a lot. In CNN, different reporters use their own accents in reporting. It is known that some words are pronounced differently in different accents. Hence, listening to how these reporters talk will make you familiar with how words sound in English. Another good program to watch is National Geographic. They have a lot of features ranging from issues about the environment to technology. With these varied topics, you will hear different vocabulary words and eventually get accustomed to using these words.

2. Listening practices online
There are a lot of listening practices online. These internet websites provide different activities like transcribing passages, note-taking and listening comprehension exercises. Some sites are for free while you need to sign-up for some. With these exercises, you will be able to build and improve your listening skills. Moreover, it is will also build your confidence in listening to English conversations and passages. You can start practicing your listening skills for the IELTs at

3. Practice having conversations in English.
Within your friends, you can have a rule that everybody has to speak English when meeting or going out. You can even put penalties on those who would be speaking in the vernacular when all of you are together. This could be a little awkward at first but eventually everybody will be comfortable at it. With this technique, you will be able to practice responding to questions and also train yourself in thinking in English when giving out responses. Not only you practice listening but also your speaking skills.
Many have already been said on how to improve listening skills but these three are by far the most effective strategies. Learning the English language should be fun and learners should always feel comfortable with it. Like what they always say, “Practice makes perfect.”


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