English Proficiency Requirement for Australian Visa

Getting a visa in Australia may seem difficult with all the requirements and necessary certificates to be lodged with the application. However, with the right amount of information, processing your Australian visa will be a piece of cake. For individuals who are planning to go to Australia for work or for studies, gaining information on the requirements and English proficiency requirements for a particular application must be done. Here is some information on some Australian visa types together with their English proficiency score requirements.
1. Student Visa
Individuals applying for a student visa need to present a COE or Confirmation of Enrolment or Letter offer from the school they are enrolling. To achieve this confirmation, applicants should comply with all the requirements of the school. Different schools could have different requirements asked to their applicants. Having presented the COE, applicants must prepare the financial requirements. This financial requirement will verify whether an individual will be able to deal with the financial needs and cost of living expenses while in Australia. Furthermore, an English proficiency certification like the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System is required. Students have the option to take the Academic Module and get an overall band score of 5 or higher. The score actually depends on the type of course you are enrolling. Hence, it is best to contact the school to confirm the score you have to target.

2. Skilled Work Visa
• 457 visa
There are exceptions on the IELTS score requirement on this type of visa. However, it is best to take the IELTS General Training exam and get a score of minimum of 5 in all sections of the examination – speaking, reading, listening and writing.

• Skilled Migration Visa
To be able to get subclass 189 and subclass 190 visas, one must take the General Training module of the IELTS and get a score of 6 in all parts of the examination. Some professions wherein a higher IELTS score is expected are teachers, accountants, and medical professionals. In addition, some may require Academic Module not just the General Training.

Why is an English proficiency exam essential as part of these visa requirements?
An individual’s efficiency at work or at school relies on how well they can communicate in English in Australia. It is given that most of the time; these applicants will be using English not only at work or school but also outside to socialize. Industries and academic institutions look for people who can excel with them professionally, academically and even personally. Hence, it is important to study for the IELTS exam and take classes in IELTS review centers.

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