Review Tips for IELTS Speaking Exam

Do you need to review for a speaking exam?
Any individual should not be complacent once taking the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination – most specifically its speaking exam. Though it sounds pretty easy, the IELTS speaking exam is not just an interactive conversation between the interviewer and examinee. There is more to that.

The IELTS speaking examination is a one-on-one interview with a native English speaker. Here, the test will have three different tasks that will gauge how well you can manage an English conversation. It will evaluate not only your English speaking skills but also the content, manner, and the confidence you have in handling conversations in English. The test only runs for 10 to 15 minutes; however, many have considered the speaking test to be the most difficult since you are assessed right on the spot. Given this, it is best to review for the IELTS speaking exam. How can one do this?

• Practice reading aloud.
Get a piece of an article in the newspaper or magazine. Stand in front of a mirror and read aloud. This way you will learn how words are to be pronounced. You will hear yourself and evaluate whether you have the correct pronunciation of words. It will be helpful if you have an online dictionary to help you with the appropriate pronunciation. Always remember to open your mouth while speaking. When you open your mouth properly as you speak, the better the words sound.

• Improve your vocabulary and grammar.
Do not overuse words in your sentences. Think of its synonyms and other expressions that would best describe what you want to say. Furthermore, always make good sentences in your responses. Be consistent with your verb tenses and the right prepositions to be used. Remember, speaking is like writing, only you have to say everything right at the moment.

• Know what the questions would be like.
It is best if you know what to expect on the test. Search online on some common questions that are asked on the three different tasks. Once you are familiar with the questions, then somehow you can make your own responses to these questions. Get a partner and simulate an interview. In this way, you are not only practicing your speaking skills but also the confidence in speaking in front of someone.

• Be involved in IELTS review classes.
IELTS review centers offer different program for the speaking test. Here, coaches are willing to help you improve your speaking skills. Different speaking exercises are given and mock tests are conducted as well.

Preparedness is very important in the IELTS speaking exam. Once candidates know what to expect in the exam, creating responses will be easier. In addition, they will be more comfortable and confident in giving their answers.


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