Why Do People Take the IELTS Exam?

“I am taking the IELTS.” “Ohh, are you going abroad to study or work?”

The popularity of the International English Language Testing System is undeniable nowadays. Different individuals from different non-English speaking countries have already taken or have been preparing to take the said examination. Though it is said to be a challenging examination, the number of people who are registered for the exam keeps growing each year.

In the Philippines, there exists a lot of IELTS review centers in different cities catering to the huge number of Filipinos who are eager to learn skills and strategies for the IELTS. English is actually not a problem for Filipinos. However, they need to learn some techniques in answering to the different tasks in the test. With this growing number of candidates, we usually ask ourselves why this people need the IELTS.

There are certain reasons why individuals take the IELTS examination. Here are some:

• Education
Studying abroad is very appealing to many students. The experience of sitting in classrooms in prestigious abroad is academically satisfying. This is also an excellent way to travel and experience other countries’ culture through education and immersion. Though getting education from these universities and colleges are really promising, these educational institutions have set high standards in IELTS score which students have to meet.

• Employment
Opportunities in other countries are believed to be better than in our country. Sad to say but indeed, working abroad has better earnings. Additionally, there is a huge chance for someone working abroad to bring his family to the country where he or she is working. Indeed, the chances of getting better career opportunities and improving one’s self professionally.

• Immigration
Some Filipinos look forward in spending their lives happily in other countries. This could be a personal choice or a privilege given to them. Immigrants need the IELTS to show that they could use the English language in communicating with others. Aside from the other requirements needed, an IELTS certification is much needed.

• Personal English evaluation
Others take the IELTS because they want to know their English level. They do not particularly need it to apply for a job opportunity or for an academic institution. They simply want to know how well they can use the English language.

• Others take the IELTS for professional bodies overseas like nursing associations, medical councils, and pharmaceutical societies. This will look great on a Filipino’s curriculum vitae.

With these different reasons for taking the IELTS exam, a good review for the test is a must and only the best IELTS review center can provide it. Starting today, think of the different possibilities an IELTS certificate can give you.


You may also get more ideas here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9-OrKEkceg


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