How to Retrieve Missing IELTS Candidate Number?


Preparing for an exam matters a lot. It is with the amount of preparation that the candidate can gauge his or her readiness for the examination. The lack of practice can have negative effects not only in the score but also with the test candidate. Thus, it is believed that getting ready for an examination, most especially in an English proficiency examination, is highly needed.

People take review classes for a reason – to know and have their skills improved for the examination. In the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination, review classes are one type of preparation that most candidates believe to be effective. Say the candidate is ready to take the challenge of the exam; the candidate prepares all the necessary documents to be brought on the exam day until the candidate realizes that he or she cannot find or has forgotten his or her candidate number. What can the candidate do?

Upon registration for the IELTS examination, Cambridge ESOL will be sending a uniquely machine generated number. This reference number or candidate number can be used when the candidate needs to request services from the IELTS such as another Test Report Forms. To find this number, it is posted on the NEEA IELTS website on the MY STATUS page. As a candidate, you have to write down this candidate number for future purposes.

If you think that you lost your candidate number, simply check the email sent to your email and the IELTS candidate number is indicated on the email. However, it is still best to write this number down on your notebook or phone and keep it well.

As a candidate, you have to be responsible on important details sent to your email with regards to the IELTS examination. This information is needed when requesting for an extra Test Report Form. In the Test Report Form, candidates will be able to view the test module taken, center number, test date, and the IELTS candidate number. Test Report Forms are needed as they contain the band scores on the reading, listening, speaking and writing tests together with your overall band score.

With the popularity of the IELTS, more and more people are registering for the examination. It is an important requirement to be fulfilled. Furthermore, because of a good score in the IELTs, individuals are offered better job opportunities or academic institutions for work or academic purposes respectively.


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