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Facts about the F1 Visa for International Students in the US

Aiming to study in the United States of America? Then, it is time for you to understand the F1 Visa or Student Visa for the US.
The visa, F1 visa, is primarily awarded to international students who will be studying under an academic program or English language course in any university or college in the US. Moreover, people who have this type of visa can stay up to 60 days beyond the given allowable stay to complete their academic course. However, individuals who have this via has to finish their course program indicated on their I-1-20 form (Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status) given by the university or college you are to be enrolled.
For those who want to study in the US, here is some information that will help you understand the US F1 visa.

1. In any kind of visa application, you have to be sure that you have the right requirements. First, applicants should find a university or college that they will be attending to. They need to satisfy the institution’s requirements for them to be awarded a certificate of their enrolment that is needed for the visa application. One of the requirements might include an English proficiency exam certificate like the IELTS. For more information about the IELTS for student visas, please visit In addition, the individual should be able to provide proof that they have financial support to complete their course including other living expenses.

2. There is a required interview that will determine if an applicant will be awarded or declined with the said visa. Interview question usually focus on the applicant’s academic qualifications and the academic institution they are enrolled. Additional questions will be more on the applicant’s personal information.

3. Travelling outside the US while on F1 visa is possible. However, this absence should not be more than five months. If your visa is about to expire before you leave the US, applicants should get a new one and should always have the I-20 form signed by a school representative before travelling outside the US.

4. Some are wondering whether it is possible for people under F1 visa to work while studying. This visa is strictly for academic purposes. However, students can do some work provided it is within the school campus. Training programs are also allowed. If any student wishes to work, they should consult from the DSO or any foreign student advisor.

5. If a student wishes to transfer to another academic institution, students have to inform the current school and obtain a new I-20 form from the new school and should be completed within 15 days.

F1 visa status is one of the most used and awarded visa to foreign applicants. If you wish to know more about the F1 US visa, visit



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