Popular IELTS Speaking Cue Card Topics

English speaking tests – a test of how conversant you are in the English language. Do you think you can pass such test?
Many Filipinos today are very conscious with the way they speak English. English has become one of the world’s most spoken languages and being able to speak the language brings advantages to anyone – professionally or academically. For many years now, Filipinos have been studying in different review centers in the country to prepare for the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination. This English test will gauge how well an individual is when it comes to the usage of the said language. However, the IELTS speaking test is different from other speaking test: it is an interview by a native English speaker. The test has three parts and among these, the second part is one task to watch out for.

The second task of the IELTS speaking requires the candidate to speak on a given topic. The topic is written on a cue card given by the interviewer. The candidate is given a minute to prepare his or her response and another couple of minutes for the candidate to give the response. The topics on the cue card are varied. It can be about people, places, things, habits, plans for the future and life experiences.

Here are some questions used in the IELTS cue card:

Describe an old person that you know.
You should say:
• Who the person is
• How you know this person
• What this person does and explain why you choose this older person

Describe a friend you had when you were a child
You should say:
• How you met
• How long have you been friends
• What you liked doing together and explain why you liked this person

Describe a sea you have visited.
You should say:
• Where the sea is
• How often you have visited it
• What activities you do there and explain why you like this particular place.

Describe a sporting event you attended.
You should say:
• What kind of sport it was
• How it compared to other events you’ve been to
• How often it takes place and explain why you consider this event to be of interest.

Life Experiences
Describe a happy childhood event.
You should say:
• When it happened
• Who was involved
• How you felt at the time and explain why you remember this particular occasion.

Describe an important decision that you made
You should say:
• What the decision was
• How you made your decision
• What the results of the decision were and explain why it was important.

When making your responses, always follow an outline for a smooth flow in your response. Coherence is very important to give a clear viewpoint. Two minutes is very short so just feel free to plan your response. Practice well and making responses under a minute will be easier for this task.

Get more IELTS tips here: www.slideshare.net/stephlowe91/ielts-vocabulary-9-words-to-get-the-ielts-band-score-9


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