IELTS Performance in the Philippines

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is administered to many countries where English is not the “native” language. This is taken by those who would like to work or study in countries where English is the “native” language or medium of instruction.

There is no conclusive evidence that can prove which country has more IELTS passers or those who have met the minimum IELTS band score to be accepted to their desired establishment. This can only be looked at on a case to case basis.

One country where IELTS is administered is in the Philippines. Based on the feedback and testimonials, the country boasts of many Filipinos passing the IELTS. This is evident by the fact many Filipinos are working and studying abroad which is indicative that they have met the minimum requirement or have gotten very high scores.

One might think this is a testament to the quality or competence of IELTS review centers all over the country. There are many IELTS review centers to choose from depending on your location.

Several of them have opened branches nationwide such as Jrooz Review Center, RA Gapuz and 9.0 Niners which are some of the best review centers in the country. They boast of a quality training program, state of the art or up-to-date facilities and very competent trainers and instructors that are surefire guarantees examinees will pass their IELTS exams.

Another factor is the Philippines have an advantage over other non-native speakers is the fact English is widely used in the country. Although it is not an official language, it is widely recognized as a medium of instruction in all levels of education and is also a medium of instruction in the workplace. This is partly from the legacy of being a former colony of the United States where English was introduced.

Media has also played a big role in conditioning Filipinos to be able to understand and express themselves in English. We are provided many television shows and movies in English on a regular basis and they all cater to people of many ages. The same is true with print media. Books, newspapers and magazines are also available in English and this is continued through the Internet where everything is now virtual but still serves the same function.

It is also seen that those living in the urban areas tend to fare better in IELTS exams compared to those living in rural areas where English is not studied intensively. It can be gleaned here that urban centers have the best schools and individuals have access to various media giving them more exposure to English and it can be seen they do better in IELTS exams. This is something IELTS review centers need to consider when taking in a prospective examinee to determine how best to help them not only pass the IELTS exam but also to be an effective user of English.

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