IELTS Speaking: Review Strategies for First Time Takers

Many are anxious in taking the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination not because of its undeniable challenging tasks but because of its speaking test. The speaking test of the IELTS examination is done in an interview type of test. This means that candidates have to sit in front of a native English speaker in the whole duration of the examination. The test only lasts for ten to fifteen minutes, but the anxiety level is really overwhelming that most candidates have difficulty being spontaneous during their examination.

The IELTS speaking examination has three different tasks. The first task is an introduction. In this task, the interviewer wants to know more about the candidate. Questions can cover topics like personal information, education, work and even hobbies. In the second task, the candidate is given a cue card where candidates need to make a response in a couple of minutes and the last task is an interactive communication between the interviewer and the candidate on a topic related to the second task.

With these tasks, any individuals taking the IELTS for the first time are sure to feel stressed and anxious in taking the examination. Here are some tips for first time candidates of the IELTS speaking test.

• Start preparing for the speaking examination by improving your vocabulary. This will include studying expressions that are commonly used in conversations. With a good command in vocabulary, creating responses will be easier as you know which words or expressions to use to effectively communicate with your interviewer.

• Watching English movies and American TV shows are helpful. Observe how people carry themselves when interacting in the English language. There are certain expressions that you can be familiar with and somehow can be used in your interview.

• Get a speaking partner. Having someone whom you can practice speaking with not only boosts your English speaking skills but also your confidence in using the language. Most people find it awkward speaking in English. They find it uncomfortable. With a speaking power, you will get used to in speaking the language. In addition, this partner can provide you comments or any suggestion that will improve your response.

In IELTS review centers, speaking coaches always stress the importance of speaking with a partner to improve English skills. Talking in front of the mirror is not enough. With a partner, you will be able to practice interactive communication and develop the confidence in speaking English.


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