IELTS Review Tips for Canada Visa Application

Getting a Visa to Canada?

Many Filipinos have long wanted to visit Canada. In fact, there are quite a number of Filipinos who are already in Canada. Some are working, some are studying, and some are staying there for good. Indeed, Canada is a good place to enjoy better salary, good education, and immigration as well. However, it is important for every Filipino to know that going to Canada requires a visa.

Applying a visa to Canada starts off with a questionnaire used for immigration purposes. Each immigration program has different application eligibility requirements; hence, you need to know to which visa type you are most suitable. After this, you will be asked to fill out an application along with your supporting documents indicated in your visa type application. Submit your application online and wait for the response from the immigration office. Among the documents that you need to present, you have to provide an English proficiency certification to prove that you are capable of using and understanding the English language. Applicants need to take the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination.

The IELTS test is an English proficiency examination that is accepted in Canada. Applicants who are applying for a working visa, professional registration or permanent residence in Canada need to present their test result once they submit their applications. The Canadian Language Benchmarks or CLB is the national standards used in Canada for measuring and recognizing one’s English language proficiency. Certain standards should be met as indicated in the CIC website. For example, for skilled workers, they have to get a CLB of 7 and up in the General Training module of the IELTS as a minimum language requirement.

Since the IELTS is indeed a major needed requirement, it is best to review seriously for the examination. Here are some tips to help you obtain your band scores in the IELTS examination.

1. Improve your vocabulary through exposure to the English language. Read books, magazines and journals and have a notebook to take note of the new words you will learn.

2. Listen to English songs and enjoy watching English movies. Learn new words and expressions from these materials.

3. Have a journal. Practice writing essays from simple topics. Improve your writing by making entries about your reaction to some news article you have read or a movie review.

4. Practice speaking English with friends and family. Constant exposure to conversations in English makes you feel confident in using the language which you need best in the speaking examination.

Acing the test is not a difficult task with the right preparation and knowledge for the exam. Start honing your English skills and be prepared to get that Canadian visa today.


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