How to Pass the IELTS Speaking Exam in Five Ways

Are you having a hard time speaking in English? Do you think you need help in perfecting your English conversation skills? Will you ever pass an English speaking proficiency examination?

The International English Language Testing System examination or the IELTS test has been made a requirement for many companies and educational institutions abroad. The IELTS test has become a reliable proof of English proficiency; hence, it has gained popularity over the years.

Unlike other speaking examinations, the IELTS speaking test poses a more difficult challenge. In the IELTS speaking test, the candidates are to be interviewed by a native English speaker. The setup is like a one-on-one interview for about ten to fifteen minutes. What makes candidates feel stressed on this examination is the fact of speaking and being evaluated by a native English speaker.
Getting a good score in the speaking examination is very crucial to every candidate. These candidates have a target band score in the speaking to make them qualify for the application they are applying for – employment, academic, or immigration. To successfully get that band score, here are 5 ways to ace the speaking examination.

1. Know the course of the test.
You will be able to speak better if you know the tasks included in the speaking test. There are three tasks namely the introduction, the individual long turn and an interactive conversation. Having a background on the usual topics in these tasks is a way to get prepared for the examination.

2. Know how you will be assessed.
Your responses are evaluated with the following criteria: fluency and coherence, vocabulary, range of grammar and accuracy, and pronunciation. Having known these criteria, you will be able to make responses that will address these areas and get better scores.

3. Keep calm and enjoy the interview.
Do not give responses that seem to be following a template. It is not a speech you are making but a conversation you are having. Sound natural and just let your ideas flow. When you are starting to get nervous, the level of your comfort declines so just relax and be confident when speaking.

4. Build better vocabulary.
Showcase your expertise in your vocabulary. Make use of terms and phrases that will make responses sound better and intelligent. However, do not over impress the interviewer. Make them wow with the content of your responses with the apt vocabulary words.

5. Practice with speaking coaches
Speaking coaches help you build confidence in speaking. Practicing with coaches will give feedbacks and suggestions on how you can improve your responses and how you should behave during the interview.

Passing the IELTS speaking examination is easier with the right amount of practice and knowledge on how the test is done. Start practicing today and build your English speaking skills for the IELTS.


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