How the IELTS Test Affected My Life

If you ask the people around me to describe myself, you will hear them say ambitious, hardworking and adventurous. I think that would totally sum up a description of myself. Since I was a kid, I always aimed for the best. I was an achiever that I would somehow felt disappointed at things that I did not accomplish well. I thought this trait of mine would change as I grew older. However, I would not say it got worse but it became more intense.

When I was in the university, I saw an opportunity online to study in New Zealand. The achiever in me was so excited to take part on this. I read the requirements that the program needed and I saw something that was unfamiliar with me. It was to take an English proficiency examination – IELTS to be specific. I was wondering what the IELTS was so I searched online. I discovered that this is an English test and some companies and schools require this examination. While searching, I also found out some articles about IELTS review centers in my city. At first, I thought that my English was good enough; however, I encouraged myself that visiting a review center to inquire about the IELTS was not a bad idea.

Visiting the IELTS review center was not easy. It was in downtown area and the staff that welcomed me was kind. I asked about IELTS and offered me an IELTS review program. The price was not reasonable and I had a lot of time to spare for a class and made a decision to enrol. During the first day of class, I realized that there were working professionals who were in the program. The class introduced themselves in the class and the lecture began. Seriously, I was amazed how it turned out. I noticed how slow I was in reading and that was a disadvantage for the exam. I learned how to skim and scan. The writing class helped a lot as well as the coaches taught me how to describe data representations more effectively through different vocabulary words. I also learned how to answer to questions by providing more details and not be blabbing at all.

I took the exam after two months and found out how similar the training in the review center with the real test. After the exam, I told myself I did pretty well. A couple of weeks went and I was happy to get a score of 8. I believe that it would not have been possible without the help of my coaches in the review center. With my score, I was able to join the program and stayed in New Zealand for two years. I am back in the Philippines and planning to go back to New Zealand for my graduate studies. Thanks to IELTS, I was able to join the program and experience good education in New Zealand.


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