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The Pros and Cons of Rechecking Your Results in the IELTS Exam

It has always been stressed to all IELTS or the International English Language testing System examination candidates the importance of getting the target score the company or the academic institution has required. This is the basic reason why Filipinos who are to take the IELTS examination turn to IELTS review centers for review and training. They understand that failing to get the score means a halt in their application.

After a couple of weeks from taking the examination, the results are already available. However, you realized that your score did not reach the target score you have set. Some candidates would accept this, move on, and prepare for the next examination. Actually, if you are not satisfied with your band score, it is possible to have your IELTS test rechecked.

There are people who choose to have their exam rechecked before deciding on taking another examination. Candidates who opt for this need to fill out the Results Form in the testing center assigned to them. This form needs to be received within six weeks from the examination date. Any candidate who wants to have their exams rechecked needs to pay a fee. Most of the time, the speaking and writing sections are requested to be rechecked as these sections are scored subjectively compared to the reading and listening.
What is the advantage of having your IELTS score rechecked?

Having your scores rechecked has the possibility that the rater made a mistake while evaluating your score. Your score can get a few points more upon re-evaluating. Moreover, the fee for paying for a recheck is cheaper than having to take the examination again. Hence, most are encouraged to take this option.

Nevertheless, once your exam is rechecked, there is also a possibility that your score can go down. Why is this so? Having it evaluated means the rater will have to recheck your responses and your essay. This way, they might notice mistakes that they have overlooked. Hence, having your IELTS exam rechecked can either be an advantage or a disadvantage.

Before having your IELTS exam rechecked, better ask yourself the following question – Did I really do well in the speaking and writing sections? There is no problem in taking chances but be sure that what you are doing will be a benefit to you.

If you are in need of a better and a higher score, review for the IELTS exam again and retake the test. It will be much better and more convenient.

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