Can I Retake the IELTS Test?

Failing a test is just a normal experience. Anybody has gotten their own dose of failing an examination. However, taking licensure examinations and even English proficiency examinations, there is no room for failure. There are some reasons for this. For one, registering on these kinds of examinations is quite costly. Second, these examinations are not offered on a weekly basis. Some licensure examinations are only scheduled twice a year while English proficiency exams can be at least twice a month. And finally, preparing for the exam not only takes a lot of time but also money as well. Hence, any candidate for an exam, like people who are taking the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination, needs to be serious in preparing for the exam.
But there are certain situations that despite these preparations, they have failed to get your target score. Fortunately, retaking the test is possible. However, there are some things that candidates retaking the examination have to consider.

1. Have you practiced enough for your first examination?
There are people who took the IELTS without taking any practice tests. These practice tests are like simulation tests that let a certain candidate experience what the real test looks and feels like. Having taken mock tests will make the candidate familiar and more prepared on the exam day.

2. Have you used English as often as possible prior to your first take?
If you have become more confident in using the English language in your daily activities, doing the tasks in the examination will not be a problem. There is a huge importance on having a candidate exposed to the English language. Familiarity and exposure are strong points one can have.

3. Were you under a lot of stress while taking the test?
Being pressured or nervous while taking the test can affect your performance. There have been studies that show negative emotions being felt while taking an exam bothers and disrupts the test takers attention in the exam. Be sure that you are calm and comfortable before taking the examination.

Taking the examination again is not a problem. Actually, taking it again and again is possible; however, it does not mean an improvement on your score. As a candidate, you have to do things to improve your score like understanding the flow of the test, knowing how to obtain your target score, being able to use the English language, and best of all, enrolling in an IELTS course program to help you build the skills for the IELTS test.


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