How to Get a High Score in the IELTS Test?

Failures are a part of human life. Everyday, we face different triumphs and failures. It is just a matter of how we deal with this downfall.
Any test candidate always wishes to get a good score in the examination he or she is taking. Who would want to get failing score, right? Hence, Filipinos who take the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination allot time in preparing for the examination. The IELTS is not something that Filipinos should take lightly for it is challenging and the fee that they have to pay is quite expensive.

If it is your first time to take the IELTS or retaking the test, here are some useful tips you can do to get that high score.

1. It is very important to have a good vocabulary bank. It is easier for the candidate to be familiar with words in the reading and listening tasks. Moreover, making good responses and essays with good choice of vocabulary words also adds up to a better overall band score.

2. Listen to English conversation tapes or audio recordings. In this way, candidates will become accustomed to the language – the pronunciation, expressions and even vocabulary as well.

3. Watch English movies or talk shows. Learn new conversation expressions and vocabulary through entertainment. Observe how people behave on an interview which candidates employ once they have the speaking test.

4. Practice taking notes. Taking notes does not only benefit listening but in the reading section as well. Well-written notes mean better chances in getting the right answer for the exam.

5. Practice using scanning and skimming in reading. It will save the candidates some time in the real test.

6. Find a speaking partner. Not only will the individual develop his or her speaking skills but also his confidence in using the language. Candidates will be much more comfortable if they practise often in speaking in front of other people.

7. Write a journal of your daily activities. By doing this, you will realize the progress you are getting in weeks and at the same time practicing your writing skills. Write in full sentences not in phrases.

8. Give a lot of time to yourself to study. In a day, review for about three hours for the IELTS.

9. Be exposed to the English language by using it every single day. It does not have to be very formal. Small talks in English are enough just to have an avenue for the candidate to practice.

10. Invest in reviewing for the IELTS through IELTS review centers.

These are only simple tips but very efficient. Always remember that you should enjoy reviewing. Take it seriously but have some time to rest and give your mind the relaxation it needs. Reviewing for the IELTS should not only be educational or informative but fun as well.


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