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How I Reviewed for the IELTS

“Why don’t you work here in Australia?” This has always been what my friends would tell me every time we talk in Skype. After working for three years in a hospital here in the Philippines, I decided to quit and do PDN (private duty nurse) work. Being a PDN is not that bad at all. They pay is way better than working in the hospital plus it is not that toxic either. However, with my friends constantly asking me to be with them working in Australia, I started reading and finding employment in the said country.

Hearing about how much my friends earn there is one reason I decided to prepare my requirements for working in Australia. Before lodging my application, I needed to take the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination. Thought it would be a simple English test, I decided to review alone. I bought a couple of review manuals for the IELTS and studied abroad. At first, everything went well until I was getting confused with some of the reading passages. I did not have anyone to practice speaking questions and there was nobody to check my writing. I had to admit to myself that I needed help. I asked my friend abroad how she prepared for the exam and recommended going to an IELTS review center. She reviewed in Manila, but I am from Davao. It would be costly for me to fly to Manila for an IELTS review.

What I did was to check online if there are review centers here in Davao City. I found JRooz and decided to visit their center. Upon arriving, I was greeted with warmth. I asked the staff about IELTS. I was given an orientation – what IELTS is, the types of test, the scores required and even the payment procedures for the examination. Honestly, the program that was offered was very beneficial so I enrolled and started my class the next day. In class, we were given reading exercises and listening tests. There were exercises on distinguishing words in Australian accent as it is used in the IELTS examination. What I love most is the mock interviews for the speaking exam. It made me nervous but I had someone to practice with. I was able to develop not only my speaking skills but confidence as well. Writing essays became better as mentors outlined the weaknesses on my essays. They provided suggestions on how to make them better which helped a lot.

The exam day came and after two weeks, I got my result. I was able to reach my target score. I lodged my application and got the result in three weeks. I am off to Australia in a few weeks. I cannot wait to see my friends and enjoy Australia. I will be working and be earning a good salary for me and my family as well. Thanks to IELTS for making all these possible.


Know more about IELTS here:


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