What Kind of Questions to Expect in the TOEFL Test?

Knowing what to study for an examination is one of the easiest ways to review for an upcoming examination. In school, professors often tell their students of the exam coverage prior to their midterms. Because of this method, students will not have a hard time reviewing on their notes. This is the same way if you are going to take an English proficiency examination like the TOEFL or the Test of English as a Foreign Language. Knowing what kind of questions that are involved in the test makes studying easier and more effective.

The TOEFL test is an internet-based examination. Candidates will have to use a computer with an internet connection to answer questions in the examination. The TOEFL test uses academic English. This means that most questions come from academic subjects like archaeology, social sciences, science and technology, music, art, architecture, history and even psychology. Topics are very varied making it important for a candidate to be familiar with the topics for the examination. It does not have to be an in-depth knowledge but knowing the essential basics is already a good advantage.

There are different kinds of questions used in the TOEFL examination.

In the reading section, a multiple choice type of question is commonly used. Types of questions that are usually in multiple choice formats are questions on vocabulary, detail, purpose, negative factual information, essential information, reference and inference. There are also question types where candidates need to match the information provided in tables. In the listening test, multiple choice type is also used. Most conversations are between students, a student and a professor, or a professor doing a class lecture. The same type of question format is followed in the listening section.

In the speaking section, candidates are to answer independent and integrated questions. Independent questions ask candidates on their personal opinion on a given statement. Integrated questions involve a reading passage and some audio recording. Candidates are tasked to answer questions based on the information presented in the reading and the listening passage. No personal viewpoints from the candidate are needed. The writing section words the same way with the speaking section.

Since the TOEFL uses academic vocabulary, it is suggested for any candidate to attend TOEFL review courses. These courses are offered in TOEFL review centers where candidates are exposed to different academic lectures essential for the TOEFL test. Speaking and Writing lectures are also given to improve one’s skills in using the English language in spoken and written language.

You may also refer to this site if you are from Davao City: http://dabawenyokini.blogspot.com/2014/03/ielts-and-toefl-in-davao-city.html


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