Five Factors You Need to Consider When Choosing an IELTS Review Center

What should we consider when choose an IELTS review center? Is it the price, teachers or number of hours for studying? With the number of IELTS review centers today, is getting the right one easy?

The IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination is an English proficiency examination taken by different individuals as a main requirement in visa applications both for academic and employment purposes. Different standard scores are set to which candidates have to obtain. Therefore, getting the score is a primary need and a great amount of preparation is obviously needed.

In order to have this score, IELTS training is encouraged. This training is available in different IELTS review centers in the country. However, the Philippines has quite a good number of review centers nationwide. Getting a good one is a must, so here are five things people should check out before deciding on an IELTS review center.

1. Accreditation from British Council and IDP
British Council and IDP are two authorized agencies of the IELTS. Review centers should be accredited by any of these agencies. Check the review centers if they can present any certification from BC or IDP.

2. Flexible Schedule
Who wants to be pressured in going to class? NO ONE! IELTS review centers should offer their students the freedom to choose their schedule freely. Not all students are free like those who are working 8 hours in an office and students still studying in the university. Students in review centers should have the chance to choose days and time based on their availability.

3. Affordable rates
Always remember that you should not compromise quality education over cheap review prices. Most review centers have almost the same review fees. The best thing to do is to understand the scope of the review, the advantages of this program, and the materials that will be given. Affordable and reasonable prices go hand in hand.

4. Location
Find a review center that is easy to go to. Attendance is not really strict in review centers but if your center is near your home, office or school, getting there is no hassle at all. Be sure to put more time on studying than travelling to your review center.

5. Quality of Teachers
Coaches are the main source of knowledge in review centers. As a student, you have to make sure that your mentor has taken the examination before. If not, as much as possible, they have spent a long time conducting training on IELTS. These people are the one who will teach you the content, skills, and strategies needed for the IELTS. Their qualification is very important.

Since training for the IELTS is needed, enrolling in the best IELTS review center is important. Hence, choose wisely and evaluate the effectiveness and the quality of your chosen review center.

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