English Accents and the IELTS Test

Many Filipinos are fond of speaking English. It is not really surprising as English has been used in the school, office and even outside the workplace. English has been the second language Filipinos have been using. Because of this knowledge in the said language, taking an English proficiency examination will not be very difficult for Filipinos. Contrary to what is believed, many have been surprised as different accents are used in an English proficiency test. One English proficiency test that uses a variety of English accents is the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System test.

The IELTS has proven itself accurate and reliable to be an English proficiency examination. In fact, it is acknowledged in different companies and universities in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom and even some parts of the United States of America.

Candidates of the said examination have observed usage of different English accents. Most of the time, Australian accent is incorporated in the test. According to Wikipedia, what makes this accent different from any other accents is its unique pronunciation. Another accent used is the British English. British English is somehow similar to the Australian accent but with more twang – a nasal like sound. One movie actor that uses strong British accent is Hugh Grant. If you happen to watch his movies, it will be quite difficult to distinguish the words that he speaks. Finally, we have American English. American English is the usual English that we are using. We are accustomed to this pronunciation as most movies and television series on TV are spoken in this accent.

What makes these accents different not only is restricted with its pronunciation but also its spelling on some vocabularies. For example, the word “center” is spelled this way in American English; however, it is spelled as “centre” in Australian and British English. Others include words like “color and colour” and “favor and favour”. Some American English vocabulary has also Australian English counterpart. For example, eggplant is aubergine, pants are trousers, and apartment is flat.

Being familiar with these pronunciation styles and vocabulary words is helpful in getting a good score in the IELTS test. In IELTS review centers, vocabulary and pronunciation exercises are part of the program to increase the candidate’s knowledge and familiarity with these differences. Moreover, with constant practice and training with their mentors, the exposure to these accents makes the candidate more comfortable and keen in responding to the questions in the test.

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