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List of Accredited IELTS Review Centers in Metro Manila, Philippines

Being the capital city of the Philippines, almost all Filipinos believe that greater opportunities await in Manila. Well, it is for a fact. However, as time goes by, people want more from their careers. They crave for more when it comes to seeking better improvements and growth in their careers. Having in this as their priority, they seek for employment that can offer them better salary and more possible career growth.

Going overseas has always been the answer to this. Professionals seek jobs in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and other English-speaking countries. Filipinos choose these countries as it will not be difficult for them to communicate as Filipinos are good English speakers. However, applying for this country requires an English proficiency certificate to validate the skill of the individual. Here, applicants should take the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination.

The IELTS evaluates the individual’s expertise in English. He or she is scored in bands of 0 to 9.0. Since a lot of foreign nationals have already been starting to learn English, score requirements are set to be met by applicants. To successfully get this score, the best preparation one can get is to get started with IELTS review centers. In Manila, here are some centers that are proven and known effective in giving that IELTS score.

1.  Jrooz Review Center Manila

It has been one of the most popular review centers in the country. Assuring candidate’s success, JRooz makes it possible for candidates to achieve the highest quality of training through mock tests and classroom lectures and discussions which are both academic and fun.

2. Nightingale Educational Review Center
Established in 2002, the institute offers the following programs CGFNS/NCLEX, LOCAL – RN, and most importantly the IELTS. It aims to deliver quality review to any candidates applying to their programs. Contact them by sending an email at

3. 9.0 Niner IELTS Review Center
This institute has two kinds of programs made available for their possible clientele. A crash course program that runs for 25 hours and an Unlimited Review Package that will cover the IELTS subtests are good offers in Niners. These packages include mock exams and final coaching which are both essential in the candidate’s preparation.

4. California English Language Center (CELC) Manila
They provide genuine review courses for the IELTS, TSE and TOEFL. Classes are done with native English speakers for candidates to be familiar with the accents used in the examinations. Contact their center at

5. MS Speakwell Training Center
Conveniently located in Quezon City, the academy envisions having the students fully prepared in their real exam by constantly exposing the students in different IELTS activities. Course programs for the IELTS are intensive and comprehensive. Email them at or at

Course program and fee – consider these in finding an IELTS review center for you. Do not settle for less but to what your money is worth. Be the best in the IELTS.

Know more about IELTS here:


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