List of Accredited IELTS Review Centers in Makati City, Philippines

Being known as the business center of the country, Makati boasts itself as one of the cities in Manila in boom. With the growing number of foreign investors stabling their businesses in the country, job opportunities seem to be endless in this city. However, working overseas is still much preferred of working professionals in the country. As a matter of fact, not only are working professionals interested in working overseas but also students who are eager to undergo education in universities in colleges abroad.

Whether for work or school, certain requirements are needed to be met for these applications to continue. One of these documents applicants must present is a certificate of their English fluency. This means they have to undertake an English proficiency examination like the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination. Specific scores have been required; hence, there is a pressure to these candidates to achieve these scores or they cannot pursue their applications. With these, IELTS review is suggested.

In Makati, here are some review centers that candidates can choose from to help them with their preparation for the IELTS.

1. JRooz Review Center Makati
A Filipino-American owned company, JRooz knows what Filipinos need most in terms of IELTS training. It has been helping students achieve the highest scores in the test, even exceeding their target scores.

2. Bridge Language Learning Solutions
It has four major line of business – the Bridge Language Institution, the Bridge International Division, the Bridge Solutions and the Bridge Publishing. Its effective learning solutions have made them of the finest learning centers in the industry.

3. 9.0 Niner IELTS Review Center
This institute provides two kinds of programs for their clientele. A crash course program good for 25 hours and an Unlimited Review Package covering the IELTS subtests. Packages include mock exams and final coaching for the test.

4. TFL English Tutorial and Review Center
Located in Salcedo Village Makati, this institute has been offering IELTS course programs for years now. They give programs that best match the client’s needs to better his or her English skills. Email them at

5. The Commonwealth Institute
IELTS test preparation is offered here. Programs are carefully outlined for students to understand and develop their English skills in just a matter of time. Contact them at

Choosing one review center can be very difficult. To make it easier, candidates are suggested to make a comparison on their course programs and prices before making a decision.

Know more about IELTS here:


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