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Tips to Remember When Enrolling in a Review Center

“It has been days since I started reviewing for the IELTS examination. In addition, I have been reviewing for my nursing licensure exam as well. Everything is fine until I realized I have to practice my speaking skills with someone. Speaking coaches are said to be available in review centers, will they be able to help me better my skills? – Joel

When in need of reviewing assistance, every individual tend to look for help in review centers. Review centers are institutions that are built to help candidates taking licensure exams or English proficiency exams such as the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination understand and become more familiar with the examination.

In the Philippines, there are practically thousands of review centers that offer different training packages depending on the exam a client needs. Since there are a lot of review centers, choosing one should be done carefully by comparing and contrast and weighing the pros and cons of one review centers from another. Here are some tips when enrolling in a review center.

1. Fee
On the top list, we have to know how much are we paying and if there are other fees while we are in the program. The fees should at least be reasonable – good enough to cover the need of the client. Review centers have different fees. Compare them by looking at the advantages of one from another such as unlimited review, free mock tests and even a diagnostic one for starters. Again, the fee should be very reasonable.

2. Course programs
As a client, look at the course program and check if this is what you need to work on. If you are not sure whether these are part of the exam you are taking, ask someone you know or search online on pointers for your examination. In addition, the program should not be very heavy as information overload is not helpful in reviewing.

3. Accreditation
This is important as this proves the quality of the review center. Further, this is evidence that the business is legit. Trusting money on a review center is an issue so you have to check on this.

4. Mentors
Since they are the one training you for months, mentors should be very competitive and are professionals in their field. They should be someone with experience and very patient with their students. Being strict in class is good, but overdoing it causes fear from the students leaving them more scared than knowledgeable after the

5. Location
Find a review center that is accessible from your place or workplace. Do not find one that will take hours of commuting before reaching the place. Always remember that you have to be in the center ready for study, not sweaty and sleepy because of the travel time.

These may sound common but these are the basic important items to be on your checklist. Consider these on your list and you will be getting the best review center for you.


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