Test Fee for TOEFL-iBT in the Philippines

Applying overseas for work or studies requires a lot of requirements to be submitted. Some of these requirements take time to be completed and may need some money to be done. One of these requirements needed is an English proficiency examination like the TOEFL-iBT or the Test of English as a Foreign Language. Are you familiar with this examination? If not, then here is what you all need to know about the TOEFL.

The TOEFL is one of the English proficiency examinations popular in the Philippines today. It is a computer-based examination which candidates use a computer with an Internet connection to complete the test. The test runs for four and a half hours and a ten-minute mandatory break is done before the speaking and writing examinations. A score of 120 in the TOEFL test indicates a perfect performance on all tasks – reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Candidates do not necessarily get the score of 120. Each candidate has to check on the score requirement that the institution needs. The candidate has to hit this score or even do better for the application to continue processing. Failure to do so means the candidate has to retake the exam.

Since it is important to hit the target score, candidates for the TOEFL test choose to find time to review in different TOEFL training centers. In these training centers, candidates are taught not only the basics about the exam but also skill building and development.

One thing why people choose TOEFL review centers is the fact that they are learning from coaches and mentors who are skilled in the TOEFL examination. Moreover, TOEFL review centers provide mock examinations to their students to assess their progress in the program.

In the Philippines, the TOEFL examination is usually given two to three times in a month on weekends. Candidates are given test schedules once they register for the examination. People are wondering how much the TOEFL test costs. Payment for the exam costs $195 or about PhP 9000 (depending on the US exchange rate). This may sound costly; hence, it is really important to score well on the first take. Payment can be done using a credit card upon registration for a test schedule. Though the fee could be costly, the TOEFL certificate is valid for two years. It is a good investment for oneself.

To be able to hit the target score easier, it is best to work with coaches and mentors in TOEFL review centers. They have the knowledge and the technique on how to develop one’s ability perfect for the TOEFL exam.


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